Attract customers, spread your message, support your community.

CleanFare provides an easy way to reach new customers and broadcast your commitment to the local environment while helping to make a difference in the community.

Keep your rewards safe.

All trips with CleanFare are validated using multiple device-integrated sensors and secure cloud functions so you can be sure that you only give rewards to users who have earned them.

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How it works

Fill out an application

Fill out our quick online application and tell us a bit about your business, why you want to be part of CleanFare, and what CleanFare can do for you.

Campaign plan

We will work together to create a custom plan for your campaign. We'll figure out what CleanFare can offer you and how we can help your business.

Users earn your rewards

App users unlock your reward by taking alternative transportation, then they come into your store to claim it.

Track your rewards

Log on to the admin console to track and control use of your rewards. See detailed analytics of user redemptions and control distribution of your rewards.

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